Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Take the Docia Lynn Challenge

We’ve all seen the makeover shows that offer moms a new look. Mothers everywhere want to be able to manage the demands of home, family, work and self and still stay fashionable. Would you like to create a new look? Are you excited to learn new ways to uncover you with the use of affordable fashion accessories? Do you want to personalize your style? If you answered yes to any of the questions, Docia Lynn is the place for you. Fashion accessories are a great way to personalize your style. We’ll offer you tips on how to look great while wearing affordable fashion accessories.

Docia Lynn challenges you to find your personal style – it could be as simple and stylish as our bangles or as breathtaking as a Docia Lynn necklace set. We want to know how you found your personal style? Where did you show off your new personal style?

Often times mothers often feel guilty about spending money on themselves. We hope our mothers do not feel guilty about treating themselves to beautiful jewelry. Here is a fantastic article
CNN.com about the guilty pleasures of celebrity. We hope we can help you fulfill your guilty pleasure.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fashion Inspired By Art

The New York Times published a great article today about colorful fashion that is inspired by art. Everything they feature is so bright and festive. It makes you want to go out and shop!

DociaLynn.com we also carry a wide array of colorful pieces at very affordable prices. Here are a few we recommend:

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Docia Lynn is Looking for Women to Feature

We want to know how you reconnect to your authentic self. Whether it’s taking an intense yoga class three times per week or setting aside twenty minutes each day to read a book you love, we want to hear and share it all.

Customers only are eligible to send their tips to us. As a preferred customer, we will send all the details including the email address to send us your tip and photo. All featured customers will receive an automatic 15% off their next order.

We can’t wait to hear and share your essential tips for keeping moms happy and healthy.

Questions: info (at) docialynn (dot) com.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Welcome to the Docia Lynn Blog!

We’re glad you are here and reading our very first blog entry. We also hope you bookmark us and visit often.

We love jewelry and started Docia Lynn to sell beautiful, fashionable jewelry (everything from beaded necklaces to bangle sets), and to help busy mothers find themselves again through the joy of pampering themselves with jewelry.

When we become mothers, we oftentimes let ourselves go. We believe something as small and seemingly insignificant as wearing a necklace can mean the difference between a mom feel miserable about herself and a mom feeling love for herself.

Visit us at
DociaLynn.com to start shopping for attractive, yet inexpensive jewelry.