Monday, July 28, 2008

Unique Fashion Watches

I am a full-time career mom and mompreneur. So, I understand what it is like to try and stay fashionable and trendy in this ever-changing fashion world. It is our goal to help busy moms gain and/or regain their fashion sense. We work hard to help other moms upgrade their wardrobe with affordable pieces of fashion jewelry, watches and accessories. We do not think that you have to change your entire wardrobe. A few unique and fabulous pieces of fashion accessories will upgrade any wardrobe and you do not have to spend a fortune.
We are constantly on the "look-out" for unique and simply fabulous fashion accessories to offer our customers. Our latest find and newest addition to Docia Lynn's inventory are hip and trendy fashion watches. Now, I can tell the time in style. When I spotted these watches, I knew that it was a great find. What makes our new finds special is that they look like a lovely and dainty bracelet, but they are really watches. Wow -- two pieces of jewelry in one and it is very affordable. The one featured here is my favorite. This watch looks like a very beautiful and elegant cuff bracelet. One that I can wear to accessorize my casual jean outfit to the playdate or I can wear this out with my elegant neutral dress to a restaurant with my closest girlfriends. This bracelet is both elegant and casual at the same time. The best aspect of this bracelet is that the topaz gem covers the face of the watch. I think this is one of our best finds. You will definentaly get a lot of compliments with this watch. We carry a wide selection of unique fashion accessories at Docia

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Mekhismom said...

I love the watch and love your blog! This is great because as a Mom I have let myself go. As a matter of fact I am blogging about it tomorrow. I found you on MBC.