Friday, November 9, 2007

How Jessica Simpson Shapes Up!

The holidays are approaching and many of us are dreaming of how we are going to get our body in shape. Well, you are not alone -- everyone has to work out, even the celebrities. Jessica Simpson a great fashion icon hired a personal trainer to help her stay fit and in style. She enlisted the help of own private drill sergeant -- Los Angeles trainer Harley Pasternak, the man behind "The 5 Factor Diet" and "5-Factor Fitness" to get her in great physical shape. Jessica's workout plan is not difficult and it doesn't take long. Harley Pasternak advises working out five days per week for 25 minutes. The routine that he put together for Jessica combines cardio with weight training and core exercises in five phases. You don't need a gym membership and weight machines -- Jessica's workout requires only a set of dumbbells, an adjustable bench and a stability ball. If you don't have an elliptical trainer and/or a treadmill for cardio, you can walk, jog or jump rope. Who wants to try this workout? I think I'm am going to try it out. Looking and feeling great is a wonderful way to stay fashionable. Since the weekend is coming up, I'm going to take a look at the workout plan and try to incorporate it into my exercise routine. The best part of the workout is, you'll start to see results in as little as five weeks! Check out the complete article and review Jessica Simpson's workout plan and start shaping up today.

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