Monday, November 19, 2007

Memorable Gifts for the Holidays

If you are a small business owner like I am, or an aspiring business owner, you understand that the companies you do business with like to be shown a little appreciation at the end of the year, and that doesn't always mean getting a company mug -- boring!

According to an article I read on, small businesses are now going the extra mile to give more personalized and meaningful gifts to their clients instead of the
ubiquitous coffee mug or the age-old gift basket. Small businesses are going as far as handing out personalized stationary or even flowering bonsais.

In my opinion, I think in the long run, clients do like to be appreciated and a personal gift shows just that -- thought, value, sincerity. But what's in it for the small business? Isn't there some merit to giving away a holiday gift with the company logo stamped on it even if it will end up in the trash six months from now? After all, this is still business. Or, do you think a great (
i.e. expensive) gift goes further in solidifying business ties?

By the way, (ahem) we have a ton of great gift ideas for the holidays that are quite affordable and lovely ideas for women who love jewelry.

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